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Stringer 30kw - 40kw (On-Grid) Crown Micro Hybrid Inverter


~ Transformerless design, maximum conversion efficiency up to 98.6%, Europe efficiency up to 98.4%
~ Three MPP inputs
~ Gain maximum energy generated by shadowed PV cells.
~ Wide MPPT voltage range (320 ~ 900V), longer daily power generation time
~ Intelligent MPPT algorithm
~ The maximum power point tracking is not affected by abrupt change of illumination
~ Accurate identification technology of power change
~ Static MPPT is stable and accurate
~ Wide operating temperature range (– 25 °C ~ + 60 °C), continuous power generation at full load in high temperature
~ Long lifetime design of film capacitor, 25 years of designed service life for complete machine
~ Natural heat dissipation, waterproof, dust resistance, salt fog resistance and corrosion resistance
~ 15 Months Warranty